Mission Hills Country Club Guest Policies

On behalf of our Board of Directors, membership and staff, we would like to welcome you to Mission Hills Country Club. We hope your visit is a memorable one. Please take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with several of our club’s policies:

Mobile Phones

Inside the clubhouse, mobile phones may only be used for voice calls in the men’s and women’s locker rooms. Outside the clubhouse, mobile phones may be used for voice calls only at the swimming pool, in the parking lot, and at the halfway house. Mobile phones may not be used for voice calls at any time elsewhere within the clubhouse or on the golf course. Mobile phones and other portable devices may be used for all other non-voice- or noise-emitting purposes (as long as notification alerts are muted or set to vibrate mode) without restriction on club property.

Rules of Dress - Golf

All players may wear slacks, knickers, or medium length walking shorts. Dress must include a proper shirt. For gentleman and boys, collared golf shirts are required and must be tucked in at all times. For ladies and girls, sleeveless shirts must have a collar. Appropriate rain gear is permitted during inclement weather. The following will not be permitted at any time: t-shirts, tank tops, under shirts, sweatshirts, cargo pants, cargo shorts, sweatpants, gym shorts, tennis shorts, swimwear, jeans or cut-off shorts.

Rules of Dress - Tennis

Proper tennis apparel is required at all times. Collared shirts are recommended, but not required. Although tennis shirts without a collar are permitted, t-shirts are not. Rubber- soled tennis shoes are required.

Rules of Dress - Clubhouse

With the exception of particular events requiring specific apparel, dress within the clubhouse dining and social facilities is generally informal; however, at no time are hats, caps or swimwear permitted.
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